• What is BrandON  and why is it useful to me ?

BrandON is the premier social app enabling consumers to locate the best discounts and promotions in Hong Kong and visit the retail stores to enjoy them.

At BrandON, we love a great in-store shopping experience. By showcasing unique promotions from brands both local and international, we wish to empower our users and help you make the best shopping decision.

BrandON helps you find the best promotions and stores in town by showcasing the promotion deals shared by other users of the BrandON community.

  • I would like to enjoy a promotion that is diplayed on BrandON, how can I do that ?

BrandON is here to help you find the best promotion from the best retail stores in Hong Kong. Should you wish to enjoy a promotion that has been shared by another member of the BrandON community, simply check the store location on BrandON and go visit it.

We work hard to ensure accuracy and availability of the promotion. However, some promotions may not be available, even if they are still displayed on BrandON. For instance, we rely on our community to purge all outdated material and it may therefore take some time before an outdated promotion is removed.

If you can’t go to the store to enjoy a promotion right now, we suggest you contact the store first to organize a later visit with them.

  • One promotion on BrandON seems to have expired in the store. Can I still enjoy it?

BrandON relies solely on information reported by its community. Therefore, some promotions displayed on BrandON may not be available for all users at all times: some promotions may be outdated (ex : promotion expired, out-of-stock…), stores may have closed (ex : after clearing sale…), promotion details may have changed…

At these times, kindly help BrandON stay as accurate as possible by clicking the flag icon on the promotion and reporting it as outdated. This only takes a few seconds and is a precious input for the whole community.

  • I can’t enjoy the promotions right now, can I save them for later ?

You can save the promotions by clicking on the heart icon. This will include this promotion to your list of Likes. Your Likes are easily accessed by clicking the “My Likes” button on the bottom menu, or using the toggle button in the map.

  • Can I buy discounted products or services on BrandON ?

BrandON does not allow you to purchase products or services directly from the app. Any product, service or promotion displayed on BrandON should be purchased directly from the stores providing them.

  • Why should I create an account on BrandON ?

You may browse all promotions shared by our community without creating an account. BrandON only asks users to create an account to perform certain actions, like sharing a promotion, accessing promotions on a map, liking/flagging a promotion…

Creating an account is a very straightforward process.

  • How can I update my personal information?

Personal details can be updated by accessing “My Profile” page, either using the “Me” icon on the bottom menu, or clicking on your avatar picture on the header, or going to the “My Profile” section in the main menu.

  • Are the promotions displayed exclusive to BrandON users ?

No. BrandON is a community-driven tool for the community to share promotions in stores across town. Shoppers are not required to be BrandON users to enjoy these promotions.

  • Can I edit/delete the post I added on BrandON ?

You can access the list of all the promotions you have created on BrandON from the “My Social Activity” in the main menu. As publication of promotions is moderated by the BrandON community, we do not offer ways to edit or delete your own posts. Should you wish to do so, kindly contact BrandON directly.

Community moderation is very powerful and effective, and we encourage you to take part in it by liking and flagging promotions to keep BrandON updated and accurate.