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  • Cherry Tsang
    BrandON is my go-to shopping app. 5 stars
    Cherry Tsang
  • Sam Wu
    BrandON has made it very simple to get the best prices from my favorite brands : today I secured a great deal on a LED TV and found a great new pair of sport shoes at a crazy price. It would have taken me ages to figure those deals out on my own.
    Sam Wu
  • Kimberley S.
    I did not even have to create an account to enjoy this app, but I finally did to share promotions with the other shoppers. I love that I can help my favorite local stores gain more visibility thanks to this app.
    Kimberley S.
  • Trevor Liu
    This app has changed my shopping habits : it get so easy to know where to find the best deals when I'm out in Tsim Sha Tsui or Central. Keep it up !
    Trevor Liu