BrandON’s fair usage policy (FUP)

Thank you for being a key member of the BrandON community. In order to keep offering a great space for you to find and share the best promotions across town, we ask you in turn to comply with our Fair Usage Policy (FUP).

This Fair Usage Policy is here to formally set guidelines in how to properly use the BrandON app and services, which are obvious for the largest majority of users. The FUP serves to prevent some users to endanger the global experience for all users. It is designed so that the fair user should never even notice the FUP exists.

  • When adding new content to the app :
    • Be precise: Please take the necessary time to take a proper picture and add necessary additional information and comments to the best of your knowledge, without skipping information that may be precious for the community and helpful to ensure the app only keeps relevant content.
    • Photos should show what the stores have to offer in the promotion in as many details as possible: Try to snap a picture of the promotion like a “2-4-1” board on the windowfront, or a pack of discounted items (with price tags, even better), or a “30% off” sign in the store… However, please refrain from snapping a picture that does not help other users understand what is on promotion or how the promotion works. Finally, do not submit irrelevant or offensive pictures.
    • Help us fight redundancies: Only add new, original and compelling content to the app. No need to knowingly enter a duplicate of a promotion that was already submitted by another user. We try our hardest to keep the app free of redundancies so kindly help us achieve this.
    • Be frugal and honest: Refrain from overcrowding the app with the countless promotions offered in stores. Do not advertise promotions that are inaccurate, false, or misleading. When overwhelmed with too many promotions in a store, carefully pick the few promotions that you believe will best help the community.
    • Be courteous: BrandON will not tolerate and will condemn any discriminatory, offensive, inappropriate or demeaning content as well as foul words in any language. BrandOn will take appropriate action to ensure this is enforced through the app. We encourage the app to become a safe environment for people from all walks of life, and appreciate that you turn to us should you feel some content endangers our goal of inclusivity.
    • Understand and adhere to BrandON’s dedication to brick and mortar stores. Only add promotions coming from reputable stores. Bear in mind that promotions that are only available online are out of the scope.
    • BrandON is not intended to showcase businesses involved in immoral and/or illegal activities.
  • When using the app for your shopping
    • Help us moderate content : Should you reach a store to enjoy a promotion posted by other members of our community only to find that the advertised promotion is not available any longer, kindly use the flag icon to notify us. By doing so, you will help BrandON stay accurate and be a great help to the community.
    • The flag icon is a powerful tool and you should use it wisely. As an example, refrain from using the fag icon on a promotion out of spite, or as an act of revenge, or to silence competition… There are many reasons you may not be happy with a store, its staff or the products sold. However BrandON is not the place for you to shout it out to the world.
    • Understand and respect stores opening hours, store staff and rules: just because a promotion is showcased on BrandON does not mean that it is readily available 24 hours a day or that any product is available across all sizes, formats or colors. At all times, abide by the stores rules and behave appropriately when visiting stores.
    • Understand that promotions showcased on BrandON may not always apply for all users and may not stack : For example, members-only promotions seldom stack with credit-card-specific promotions, so be mindful to comply with rules set by the stores to reap the full benefits of the promotion showcased on BrandON.

Thank you for making a better BrandON !

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